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Our production team is proud to announce that after years of hard work, they have conquered the techniques and ability to produce top quality non-edible sausage casings in the region!






Below you can find some of the physical and chemical properties of AFCMCO.






Our casings can be filled and cooked in steam bath or immersed in boiling water without any change of physical properties. They are easily sliceable leaving no fat or jelly deposit on the slicing blade!






Our casings will not change their caliber or expand due to filling, stuffing or hanging!






They can be stored for long periods without losing freshness!






Strong enough not to burst or crack, whilst carried out on our casings (all the necessary laboratory tests have been carried out on our casings)!






Keeps all the flavour and aroma in while being cooked (it is recommended to immerse the casings in 30-40C water before the filling procedure begins and also over-stuffed by 5-7 percent) for a better result!






The filling procedure by full automatic machines is advisable, otherwise casings may burst as a result of high pressure without any pressure control.






The cooking temperature must be 72C if immersed in water and 80-90C is recommended for the steam-room. The cooking time also depends on the caliber.






Good oxygen and ultra violet barrier will result in fresher sausages right through.






It is recommended that caliber 20-40 be used shirred, and also to be filled continuously by full auto filler machines!






Our casings are so flexible that you may produce geometrical cross section sausages!






We are able to produce casings with different thicknesses, various calibers (20mm to 65mm) and colours according to your requirement.






Our casings material are 100% printable and are resistant against all acids and food hygienic.






The Factory



  Production Data Sheet  



Trade Name:  


Composition / Material base information  
  Natural: Polyamide 6.6  
  Coloured: Polyamide 6.6 & Coloured concentrates  


Health Certificate  
  In our experience and according to the above authorisation from the Ministry of Health, our casings can be used for food packaging (food contact). The material has FDA authorities approval (No 21 CFR 177, 1500) for food packaging.  


Physical and chemical specification  
  Form: Tubular film, high viscosity  
  Odour: Odourless  
  Solubility: Insoluble in water  
  Thickness: 40-65mic (depending on each diameter)  
  Melting range: 190-270C  
  Ignition: Temperature: 400C  
  Density: 1.14 g/cm3. (250C)  
  Water absorption: 8-9% (23C in water)  
  Elongation at break: 300% (50% RH)  
  O2 permeability 25cm3 N/m2 x 24h (50 mic)  
  N2 permeability 6.5cm3 N/m2 x 24h (50 mic)  

Co2 permeability 65cm3 N/m2 x 24h (50 mic)



Heavy Metal  
  Our products are free from heavy metal and cadmium.  


Ecological Information  

Non -  Ecotoxic effects